We raise our animals on pasture and in the woods. The sound of hooves rumbling up the hillside and the grass blades severed by powerful bovine jaws remind us of the simple beauty that surrounds us and our food. Our animals are a very important aspect of our integrated farm management, as they allow our farming practices to mimic natural systems. Like the buffalo, deer, wild turkeys and mountain goats, they are our volunteer landscape specialists: the lawn mowers, the tillers, and the fertilizer spreaders. They are the janitorial staff that clean up produce spills of overly ripened melons or field mouse eaten sweet potatoes. And of course, last but not least, they are our sustainers, supplying us with healthy protein, fats, and marrow.


We offer pasture-raised whole chickens in early fall by order only at $4.50/lb. Please fill out the order form below for orders to be fulfilled in October of 2017. Chickens can be picked-up fresh or delivered frozen.

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Whole birds can range in weights from 4-6 lbs. Four pound birds can easily feed three people, whereas a six pound bird can feed a family of five.

Currently, we are on hiatus from raising beef and have very limited pork production as we are focusing our commercial efforts on our vegetable and flower gardens.

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