We are a 27-acre Adirondack family-run farm perched above the Boquet River, just a few miles west of glittering Lake Champlain. We produce vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, meat, seed garlic, poultry, honey, soap and lip balm. We call our approach homegrown because it aptly describes our intimate scale and deep reverence for the relationships between our diverse garden, animals, landscape, local economy, and community. 

We engage in holistic design to maximize the efficiency of our farm, utilizing methods such as cover cropping, intercropping, and rotational grazing to build resilient soils. Our chickens and pigs fertilize the fields as well as manage forage quality. This integrated approach toward building organic matter in our soils is our strategy for coping with the inherently volatile conditions of our environment, such as drought, disease, and nutrient leaching. We pride ourselves in growing premium products that enhance both the health of our farm and your family.

We see the farm as contributing to our local landscape by furthering the diversity of local product offerings. Our end vision is to bring organic fruit to our community within the Adirondacks. While we plan and finance the upfront costs of buying trees, canes, and bushes, we seek out market niches that allow us to maintain our small scale and capitalize on our specialized infrastructure through crops such as sweet potatoes, flowers, ginger, and season extended greens. Oftentimes, this means partnering within our vast web of other local farms and entrepreneurs.

We market our produce, flowers, soap, lip balm, honey and fruit through the farm stand. If you're a gardener, homesteader, or small farmer, visit our Seed Garlic page to reserve seed for fall planting.



You may recognize the Harvest Hill Farm name from farmers' markets in years past: the bountiful bouquets, ruby heirloom tomatoes, and delectable head lettuce. Michael and Laurie Davis started the farm in 1996, choosing the fertile soils and high peaks of the Adirondacks in which to raise their three young sons. They ran a market garden and small CSA providing all-natural produce to Essex County for many years. 

A lucky few remember buying produce at the on-farm stand one summer from young teenage farmers Liam Davis, their middle son, and his friend Luke Barns.

Eight years later, Liam and his then partner Jenny Linger ventured across the country on a five-month tour of more than fifty small farms and returned home to the Adirondacks in early 2014 to rekindle the farm business with a pocketful of ideas and a well of energy.

After an exuberant farming year in 2015 and exploring creative outlets, agricultural and otherwise, Liam and Jenny are following separate paths, but their dreams and inspirations still infuse the character of the farm. Michael and Laurie are currently focused on setting up critical infrastructure before plunging back into full business.